Issues affecting work performance

Employer Assistance Programmes

Not coping at work?

Advantage South offers employees the opportunity to seek free, professional help for
a problem that affects their ability to concentrate or function properly at work.

It is discrete and can happen without asking your employer once your employer is registered with our service. Each employee is entitled to a certain number of professional help hours as part of your contract of employment. Problems you might be wrestling with could include alcohol, drugs, children, family or marital problems, stress or issues at work, bullying, discrimination, grief, legal issues or financial pressures. Our people can help you deal with your problems and get you back on your feet again. The EAP programme is designed to be a short-term intervention and is funded by your employer, who only needs to knows the number of hours being funded, not who you are or why you need to see us. We are a lower South Island wide service, with offices throughout Central Otago, Southland, Dunedin, Clutha and beyond, so if you can’t come to us – we can often come to you. For more information, call our toll-free number 0800 0800 238 768, or emailing us direct by clicking on the button below.

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